At its upcoming WWDC 2023 event at Apple Park, Apple plans to offer some developers and attendees a chance to try out the new AR/VR headset after its announcement, according to a report. bloombergMark Gorman.

Apple has built a new “structure” on campus at Apple Park that is designed to provide hands-on, controlled demonstrations of its headphones. The testing area is located on the basketball courts in Apple Park, near the staff fitness center.

Members of the media and some developers will be presented with demos at the event, but this area will be used for hands-on experiences throughout the summer. Apple may invite developers to “Apple Park” on an ongoing basis to allow them to test the headset for application development purposes.

There will also be a hands-on area at the Steve Jobs Theater to showcase the hardware after the keynote. Hands-on experiences will see Apple FaceTime in VR, Apple TV+ content, and games. Customers with specific conditions such as migraines, vertigo, post-concussion syndrome, and previous traumatic brain injury will be cautioned against headphone use.

If the hands-on experience is similar to previous events, developers and media members will be able to test the headset right after the keynote. Apple employees will give short, supervised demos.

The AR/VR headset will not be available for sale after WWDC, and will, in fact, launch several months after it was first shown. Mass production has yet to begin, and the latest information points to a launch before the December holidays.

The Apple WWDC 2023 keynote event is scheduled for 10:00 AM PST on Monday, June 5.