Satechi today announced the launch of a new Magnetic Wallet Stand that is designed as an accessory to be used with the new iPhone 15 models that are releasing this Friday.

satechi wallet stand
The Magnetic Wallet Stand attaches to the back of any MagSafe iPhone, and Satechi says that it was created to have a “strong and reliable attachment” to keep the wallet from coming off of the ‌iPhone‌. Up to four credit cards, debit cards, or ID cards can be stored in the wallet, and there is a cutout for quickly showing an ID.

NFC passthrough is available from the front pocket, enabling Tap to Pay functionality without the need to remove a card from the wallet.

In addition to serving as a wallet, the accessory can be unfolded and used as a secure stand to prop up the ‌iPhone‌ for FaceTime calls, watching videos, playing games with a Bluetooth controller, and more. It can attach to the ‌iPhone‌ in either horizontal or vertical orientation when used as a stand accessory.

Made from a leather alternative, the Magnetic Wallet Stand can be purchased in seven colors. Black, brown, navy blue, and orange are available from the Satechi website, and Apple is selling the Wallet Stand in black as well as three exclusive colors, including forest green, purple, and blue.

Satechi’s new Magnetic Wallet Stand is available starting today and it is priced at $40.

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