In a pair of support documents, Apple has listed various third-party display suites that can be used with the new Mac Studio and Mac Pro. For example, both Macs support up to eight 4K displays at 60Hz when configured with the M2 Ultra chip.

Apple Pro Display XDR Lifestyle Display
The new Mac Studio has an HDMI 2.1 port, and the new Mac Pro has two. Each of these ports supports an 8K display at 60Hz, or a 4K display at 240Hz. Apple says the M2 Ultra chip also supports up to six Pro Display XDR displays.

The previous Mac Studio supported up to five external monitors when configured with the M1 Ultra chip, so the new model supporting up to eight monitors is a big improvement. Apple silicon has come a long way in this area since the first Macs with the M1 chip launched in 2020 with native support for just one external display.

The new Mac Studio and Mac Pro launched today after pre-orders began last week. Apple has also published support documents that explain how to install PCIe cards in a Mac Pro and list the types of PCIe cards that are compatible. Unlike the Intel-based Mac Pro, the new model does not support graphics cards due to Apple’s unified silicon architecture.